Plantation Palms Golf Rates

The golf course is open and ready for public play. We will be offering “Renovation Special Pricing” until the course is in great shape.

Current Rates

Monday - Friday
  • Before 11am - $22.95
  • 11am-4pm - $17.95
  • 4pm to closing - $14.95
Saturday and Sunday
  • Before 11am - $29.95
  • 11am-2pm - $24.95
  • 2pm-4pm - $17.95
  • 4pm to closing - $14.95

Click here to book a tee time and see the current rates.

We are in the process of restoring Plantation Palms to be the Top-Rated golf course it once was. Ace Golf is comitted to this goal.

Please understand during this time we are offering a limited time, exceptional rate so you can experience the incredible design and challenging layout while the course is still growing in. It may take a little time for that to happen, but guarantee you'll see improvement every time you visit.

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