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Plantation Palms Testimonials

Yes Plantation Palms is coming back to life after years of neglect. It will take some time for it to return to it's former glory days. But Ace Golf is committed to making it as beautiful as it was — and better.

The progress we are making is quite good. And we thank our golfers sincerely for their patience — and for these reviews. We'd love to have you come out and play and see the progress for yourself.

You can make a tee time here.

Course is making its way back. Probably one of the best layouts in Tampa IMHO. Greens and t-boxes are in good shape but everything else is a little "raggedy around the edges". Well worth the price though and they freely admit the course is a work in progress since reopening.

Golf Advisor 2/14/17

I've played this course now 5 or 6 times since it reopened late last year. Each time, the course just gets better and better. The greens are super fast now, especially compared to when it first reopened. The tee boxes are in great shape, and the fairways are recovering nicely. The layout of this course is great. It is very challenging, especially for a high handicapper like me, but fun nonetheless.


Golf Advisor 2/11/17

Very nice layout that will be a fun challenge as conditions improve. Offering great rates and seem to be putting money into making this a special place. With a lower rate, it is well worth playing through their rebuilding process.

Golf Advisor 1/20/17

They are trying really hard to get the course up to the level it use to be. Many bare spots, but it needs time for the grass to grow. Front 9 is in better shape than the back 9. The price is right while they are still working diligently.

Golf Advisor 1/19/17

Very Nice course with some challenging holes. Greens are not bad at all, We be back soon!

Golf Advisor 1/14/17

The layout of the course is very challenging and interesting. Since the course had been closed down for a couple of years there are a few spots that still need a little re-habbing. The layout, the exceptional value and very friendly staff more than make up. Pace was excellent. I'm sure they will soon have this course back to gem that it should be. I will be back. Thank you.

Golf Advisor 1/9/17

Exciting new course on the local golf scene. Though still under construction in several areas the course could be great. Lots of water, several forced carries, and abundant sand. The course has several dog legs that adds challenge. Some of the greens are still under repair, but they rolled very well. The course amenities are second to none. Will play again soon!

Golf Advisor 1/9/17

Plantation Palms is going to be one of the best tracts in the greater Tampa area. A year from now, it will be exceptional. It's absolutely amazing how good it is already considering it had been completely abandoned for a long time and had reverted to a "cow pasture".

Most fairways are in very good condition already. Hopefully they will not shave them in the future so that your lie has little or no grass underneath. I like the fairways a little long, and I had no problem hitting shots. The greens will take quite a while to get into similar condition. They are not quite flat yet-they sort of have a dimpled look and feel, like a golfball but on a much larger scale of course. You can even feel the unevenness underfoot. They rolled OK but were EXTREMELY slow. Again, this is temporary and as hard as they have worked on this course, I'm sure the greens will be great in time.

This is a VERY challenging course with quite a few forced carries over water, some of them as long as 175 yards, depending on the tees you use. I hit from the white tees, which are about 6200 yards. Many greens are protected by large and frequent traps filled with deep, soft sand. This is a nice change from those hardpan bunkers found at many other places.

I would not recommend this course for beginners or real duffers. You need to make shots here, plan ahead, and be able to play out of traps.

Holes 7,8, and 9 are all located around the same large lake, and I would like to have the franchise for recovering the balls that will be entering it. This course is a ball eater if you're not very good or very thoughtful.

Also, many of the greens are built up with very steep slopes, so if you miss the green, you have the potential for a long bounce much further from the hole.

All in all, I gave it a 3 right now, but if I could I would have made it 3.5, and I can see this course as a 4.5 in the future. This course has the possibility of handling SERIOUS golf tournaments and competitions in the future. Get in here and play it cheap while you can.

If you are a good golfer looking to test your game, this is the right place. If you are just looking for a relaxed game where you can spray the ball around and score easily, this is not the place for you. I will be back often.

Golf Advisor 12/25/17

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